As mentioned above, you can hire companies to fight for and maintain your online image, or you can take certain steps yourself.

Maintaining a good, online reputation is very important for good business. User-generated content is mandatory, and regularly interacting on social media is very important as well for business success. And your brand or company can even be small, yet people are talking about you- rather it’s customers, prospects, clients, or anyone. These people may tweet about your products/services; are leaving comments on blogs; posting their customer experience via Facebook or Tumblr, and so on. And with all this said, it’s very important to not ignore this, because if you do, great damage can occur to you business.

There are great tools, you can use to fight for and maintain a great online presence and reputation, and they are as follows:

    1. Social Media Monitoring– This is a good tool to use to regularly monitor your online reputation. People tweet/share information all the time, and when something unfavorable comes up, it can be handled almost immediately. Google Alert, is a great example, of alerting you concerning anything said, positive or negative, about you and your company on blogs, tweets, reviews, etc. This service is also free.

    2. Properly Addressing Negative Information About You– Negative reviews, hate sites, and negative media coverage can all pose great threats to your company or brand. Sites, like Pissed Consumer and Ripoff Report, are excellent platforms for these types of negative content. With sites that go beyond negative reviews called hate sites, they would express their opinions that address public figures and companies with false information and insults. Some of them may also contain illegal content. Also, the saying that there is no thing as bad publicity isn’t true many times. Negative media coverage can wreck detrimental havoc on a lot of companies and brands.

    If any of these situations happen, it must be addressed accordingly.
    And in some cases, these people can be sued for libel or slander. Even though Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that people are free to express their opinions through any media, there are boundaries. If the information is defamatory, reports falsely, and is aimed to damage the brand or company’s reputation, certain actions are in order. For one, using aggressive SEO methods can greatly eliminate this adverse action, by having the positive and promotional content on the first two pages of the search engines. Secondly, Legal liaison and speed of reaction can possibly remove negative reviews that are great threats to your reputation. And lastly, online investigations can be used for serious attacks on your image, that are difficult to resolve. Online analysts would investigate by data cross-indexing, email tracing, and through other collection of information techniques.

    3. Providing a Blog & Interacting with Customers– Other than that, providing a blog on your site, and interacting with customers can be great tools to not only maintain great CRM, but to increase your customer base. And if a customer has a problem, and it is handled immediately with great customer satisfaction, this action alone will encourage customers and potential customers to trust more in your brand.