It used to be a time, when these issues concerning bad, online reputations were practically nonexistent- where information and promotional material were presented in a top to down fashion. However, thanks to social media, blogs, etc., your company, brand, or name must be routinely monitored and adjusted accordingly to ensure your company, brand, and name are maintained positively.

Unfortunately, there are some who will report negative things online about a brand or company, even if the reports are not true. If nothing is done about addressing these issues, and maintaining a good reputation online, the brand or company can be severely damaged, even to the point of irreparable damage. Now, if the negative reports are true, then those reports will tend to reoccur repeatedly, no matter what technique is used to remove those negative reports. And with that said, that is part of karma, because no matter how companies/brands scheme to extinguish those reports, Google algorithms would normally cause those reports to reappear repeatedly. This is done by Google redoing their algorithms periodically, to ensure the best results possible on their search engine. However, if those negative reports are false, then it normally doesn’t take as much techniques to address and remove those reports. Additionally, those false reports may dare to reoccur once or a few more times, but they would eventually subside, unless the ones behind these reports wish to have pending fines and/or lawsuits. In cases where the negative reports are true, those brands or companies would most likely use some techniques, that are borderline blackmail and issue fake reports, that can result in fines and potential lawsuits. Learn more about professional business reputation management here:

Online reputation management can be done yourself many times, or by hiring a competent and reputable company. Companies in the online reputation industry are there to make bad things online disappear quietly, and to make promotional and good things stand out about a company or brand, even if it’s just using a PR spin. If you’re considering hiring someone who will take your online reputation to the next level take a look at BrightPast, the best online reputation management firm. Most reputation management companies, who are good at their jobs, normally earn between $5,000 to $20,000 for each client per month. They work their magic by tricking search engines, especially Google, to push the bad info low into the search engine results, and to have the good branded info to be ranked high in the search results. The good information can be positive articles, biased Wikipedia articles, and positive reviews (rather true or false), for instance. Also, these companies are there to routinely monitor social media, search engines, blogs, and other viable online sources to ensure their clients’ reputations remain on a good note.